In The House

An informative show about the major systems In the House; electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning.Each week we'll pick a topic and discuss the technical aspects of that topic. We'll have a panel of technicians talking about their experience around that topic. We'll answer questions that homeowners submit and talk about what we are seeing as we help people maintain and repair the systems In the House. It is meant to be informative and bring you value.
Can Water Pressure Be TOO Good?   (11:11:14) August 02, 2022
Water pressure running too low can be really frustrating. But if You’re in Arizona right now your water pressure might be nice and high, even getting higher! That has to be great! …Doesn’t it? That’s what we’re discussing in today’s episode of In The House. 
Your Water Heater Should Be Heating Water. Is It Heating Sediment Instead?   (02:01:14) July 26, 2022
Just like every other appliance, your water heater needs some maintenance to run right. Unlike other appliances, it’s hard to see just how bad it might need it. In today’s episode of In The House, we’ll go over what a flush is and why skipping it could kill your water heater years early.
Your Air Filter Has One Job. Do You Know What That Is?   (11:00:14) July 19, 2022
A lot of people think that the air filter’s job is to clean the air in their homes. But it’s not. In today’s episode of In The House, we discuss what your air filter’s job actually is and how you can be getting in the way. 
Did You Know Your Air Conditioner Can Flood Your House?   (09:52:14) July 12, 2022
When people think about water damage in their homes, they think about the plumbing system leaking BUT your air conditioner creates and disposes of a large volume of water in the summer. If the drain line clogs there the water goes into your home. This is problematic since many systems are installed in attics. 
Why Every Homeowner Should Know What a Heat Pump Is   (02:20:14) June 30, 2022
Do you know what a heat pump is? It’s not a car part or part of your plumbing system. Today we’re joined by Kellen Doon and Ryan Van Tassel of Daikin, the world’s largest manufacturer of heat pump products to answer that question. In this episode, we talk about what it is and how efficient […]
Radon in your home is dangerous. Do you know how to test for it?   (02:20:14) June 21, 2022
Radon is a colorless odorless gas that has been linked to causing cancer. Do you know if it’s in your home?
Filters That Help Allergies & Asthma In Your Home   (02:40:14) June 13, 2022
If you have allergies there are certain times a year that are worse than others. It’s usually something in the air that’s irritating you. It could be pollen, smoke, pet dander, dust or lawn clippings. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get a break from all that stuff invading your lungs every time that […]
Are You Causing Your Own Furnace Problems – 5 Things To Avoid   (02:05:14) February 22, 2022
Sometimes we unknowingly cause our furnaces to work harder or even worse, stop working altogether. In this episode, we discuss things you should avoid doing or start doing to help your furnace do its job and keep you comfortable when it’s cold outside.
My Furnace Is Working Fine…Right?   (03:00:14) February 15, 2022
Do you have a furnace? Then this podcast is for you. We are talking about everything you need to maintain your furnace and keep it running for as long as possible!
What to do if Someone Says You Have a Cracked Heat Exchanger   (02:50:14) February 08, 2022
Signs Your Furnace Is Overheating   (07:26:14) February 01, 2022
Does your furnace turn off before it reaches the desired temperature? We’ll tell you some signs to look for to know if your furnace is possibly overheating. 
Are You Being Lied to About Furnace Maintenance   (03:26:14) January 25, 2022
There are different views on getting your furnace regularly serviced or tuned-up. It’s common to hear professionals say it’s not important. But the manual for your system actually tells you to get it regularly serviced. Here ‘In The House’, we tend to think that the people who made the system probably have good advice to […]
Smoke Detectors go Bad, Are Yours Still Good?   (03:26:14) January 18, 2022
While smoke detectors need a change in batteries every once in a while they also eventually go bad. In this episode of In The House we talk about how long they should last and also some signs that they’ve expired.
How to Know if Your Furnace is Being Installed Correctly   (11:57:14) January 11, 2022
Furnaces should last 10, 15, 20 years, so why are you having problems only a couple years after it’s installed? In this episode of In the House we talk about how you can know if your furnace is being installed correctly.
Icicles Can Be A Sign Of A More Serious Issue   (12:18:14) January 04, 2022
As magical as icicles may seem they can be a sign of a more serious issue. In this episode we discuss how icicles are formed and the possible damage they could be doing to your home. Tune in to learn how to avoid and fix this problem. 
084 – PLUMBING – About Reverse Osmosis Systems   (06:41:14) July 27, 2021
In this episode we’re joined with Jeff Holt of Holt’s Water Conditioning to talk about reverse osmosis systems.
083 – PLUMBING – Water Softeners   (06:47:14) July 20, 2021
Hard or soft water looks the same to all of us. So what’s the big deal? Can something so microscopic really be that bad? In this podcast we talk about what hard water is and the damage it can cause.
082 – HVAC: An AC Can Only Do So Much   (01:24:14) July 13, 2021
Not satisfied with your air conditioner? Your AC unit might be, one, designed to only handle up to certain temperatures, or two, your AC unit may have something wrong with it. But how do you know which one it is?
081 – PLUMBING: Gas Leaks   (12:59:14) July 06, 2021
Ricky joins us in this episode to talk about the importance of checking for gas leaks and how to do it.
080 – HVAC: What To Do If Your AC Freezes Over   (09:27:14) June 29, 2021
How often have you ever called a tech about your AC freezing over? Why does it freeze over in the first place? HVAC Tech Manager, Richard, explains what happens when if freezes over, why it does and what to do about it.