Money Making Sense

The goal of Money Making Sense is to help you find more financial peace. Host Heather Kelly and guest experts focus on reviewing paychecks and analyzing family decisions. They also talk about reviewing paychecks and analyzing family decisions. They also talk about vacationing on a budget, retirement savings on a limited income, reducing household expenses, the financial impact of owning a pet and how money affects relationships. Money Making Sense will give you practical ideas on how to improve your bottom line. Money Making Sense is a 2017, 2018 and 2020 People's Choice Podcast Finalist. 
When should we begin teaching financial literacy to kids?   (29:35) September 20, 2023
Studies show buying habits begin much younger than we think — as young as 8 or 9 years of age. However, most parents and school teachers don’t have a basic […]
WARNING! Can you spot the latest consumer scams?   (18:55) September 14, 2023
Impersonator scams are on the rise.  Kerry O’Brien, Regional Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Western Region, says more and more people are losing money to scammers who pretend to […]
FAQ military personnel have about their taxes   (36:26) September 13, 2023
Not every state in the U-S gives the same tax credits for military personnel.  How do you know which state to file taxes in when you are transferred during the […]
How to travel Internationally on a budget   (14:35) September 06, 2023
Going overseas for your vacation doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.  Kate Davis, Associate Producer for KSL Newsradio, says her two week vacation to Peru cost about […]
How to use your life insurance policy as a piggy bank   (22:45) August 30, 2023
Life insurance isn’t always Death insurance.  Vivian Weyll, found of Aria Financial Group, says a life insurance policy designed the right way with the right benefits can provide college funds […]
Warehouse vs standard grocery store prices   (26:12) August 23, 2023
Are you getting the best deals at a Costco or Sam’s Club over a regular food store? Dan Spindle, news anchor for KSL 5 TV, says there are 3-things you […]
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of STEM   (33:54) August 16, 2023
S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and math) is touted as the they way for education and careers.  Tami Goetz, director of Utah STEM Action Center, and Susan Speirs, CEO of Utah […]
Cultivating joy brings money   (26:28) August 09, 2023
Surviving our capitalist system requires having true joy and purpose.  Quinn O’Briant, the “Joy Boss,” says she faced a life of poverty and failure until she became INTENTIONAL about finding […]
Turn your life insurance policy into cash   (21:20) August 02, 2023
Insurance companies don’t want you know this Hack.  David Rosell*, president of Rosell Wealth Management says selling your policy is better than surrendering it, and losing all it’s value. David […]
Understanding wills, trusts and estate planning   (31:30) July 26, 2023
Estate planning doesn’t have to be intimidating.  David York, attorney, CPA and estate planner with York Howell, says most of the time it simply comes down to taking a few […]
A Bolder Way Forward will help families and communities   (27:08) July 19, 2023
National and statewide studies show women and girls are not thriving in critical areas.  Emily Darowski, associate director of Utah Women in Leadership Project, and Susan Speirs, the CEO of […]
How to identify fraudsters and scammers   (29:17) July 12, 2023
Scammers use your emotions, instead of logic, to gain your trust.  That’s from Rob Woellhaf, vice-president of fraud management at Mountain America Credit Union.  He says awareness of the tricks […]
Military retirement and AAFMAA   (25:30) July 05, 2023
You MUST enroll in Survivor Benefit Plan THIS year if you are a military retiree and haven’t already.  Retired Brigadier General Mike Meese, says this is a one-time allowance Congress […]
What does TRUE wealth mean to you?   (24:45) June 28, 2023
True wealth isn’t always about money.  Financial expert, Debra Schatzki, co-founder of BPP Wealth, says most of the time it’s about your values. Debra also explains if you don’t identify […]
Greed is a war, with scammers trying to win   (21:15) June 21, 2023
As if personal scamming attacks weren’t bad enough, author Rob Doctors, says Corporate Greed is taking advantage of consumers as well.  As author of the book “Ethics and Hidden Greed” […]
How to have a fun, frugal vacation   (24:50) June 14, 2023
Doing your homework is the key to getting the best price on airfare, hotels, or even deciding if a ‘stay-cation’ is best for your budget.  That’s from Susan Speirs, CEO […]
Prenups are for everyone, not just the rich and famous   (15:42) June 07, 2023
Prenuptial agreements will help set expectations so no one is surprised after the wedding.  That’s from Teddi Ann Barry, family law attorney with Divorce in Colorado.  She says we need […]
Don’t get taken for a ride when buying your next car   (31:25) May 31, 2023
The finance office of car dealerships make the most money off you when selling vehicles.  Kevin Hunter, a consumer advisor in the car industry, says they are trained to throw […]
Give everyone of your dollars an assignment   (28:06) May 24, 2023
“We don’t get into debt by doing the math.”  That’s from finance guru Dave Ramsey who says getting out of debt, and then creating wealth, is about your behavior.  Dave, […]
Do you plan longer for vacations than for your retirement?   (30:29) May 17, 2023
Not being prepared for life finances will get you into trouble, no matter what stage you’re in.  Jay Wells, with Drive Wealth Advisers and Susan Speirs, the CEO of Utah […]