Money Making Sense

The goal of Money Making Sense is to help you find more financial peace. Host Heather Kelly and guest experts focus on reviewing paychecks and analyzing family decisions. They also talk about reviewing paychecks and analyzing family decisions. They also talk about vacationing on a budget, retirement savings on a limited income, reducing household expenses, the financial impact of owning a pet and how money affects relationships. Money Making Sense will give you practical ideas on how to improve your bottom line. Money Making Sense is a 2017, 2018 and 2020 People's Choice Podcast Finalist. 
What to know IF the Student Loan Forgiveness program happens   (17:07) November 30, 2022
This episode was recorded before a Federal Judge put a hold on President Biden’s Student Loan Forgiveness program Currently, everyone with a student loan will need to begin repaying them starting January 1, 2023.  However, Brian Walsh, financial planner with SoFi, says there is a new loan program tied to your discretionary income.  The payments […]
Rising interest rates are good for your bank accounts   (30:29) November 28, 2022
It’s not all bad news regarding the rising interest rates.  Jeremy Blair, the VP of Finance and Mountain America Credit Union, says banks are increasing the rates they pay out in both savings accounts and CD’s.   Find out why it’s important to make sure your banking institution is either FDIC or NCAU insured — and […]
Tools to minimize education costs   (09:22) November 23, 2022
Whether you already have student loans or are getting ready to apply, there are ways to minimize your costs.  David Green, the CEO of Earnest, says they want to support students in whatever path they choose to set them up for success. You can also get help applying for scholarships at GoingMerry. You can follow […]
Help is available in this challenging housing market   (32:04) November 18, 2022
Whether you rent or are looking to buy, there is help available to afford both.  David Damschen, president of Utah Housing Corporation and Susan Speirs, the CEO of Utah Association of CPA’s explain some of the programs and tax breaks. HACK:  Buying a modular or manufactured home could be less expensive or renting an ADU […]
Money and sex crimes against your kids are happening in your home   (28:08) November 17, 2022
One out of every 4-children are being sextorted.  Stephen Peek and Maria Peek are the co-producers, director and cinematographer of the documentary, Sextortion: The Hidden Pandemic.  They discuss how to protect your kids from predators and how sextortion is 1000-times more prevalent than human trafficking. If any of your kids, or their friends are being […]
Improving your credit score   (09:38) November 16, 2022
Financial expert, Radhika Duggal with finance app – Super, discusses ways to improve your credit score.  She talks about mistakes to avoid and using tools like a debit card called Super Cash which allows people to build up their credit without going into debt. You can follow this show on Instagram and on Facebook. And to see what […]
How to recognize a financially abusive relationship   (25:00) November 09, 2022
Overcoming financial abuse starts with understanding what it is.  Stacy Francis, certified divorce financial analyst at Francis Financial, says it comes in many different forms.  But all of them can lead to physical abuse. Anyone needing help can call the Domestic Hotline at: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). Safe Horizon is another 24-hour hotline where you can seek […]
BONUS: Rick Steves Art of Europe   (14:34) November 05, 2022
If you are planning to travel and check out famous arwork, travel guru and author, Rick Steves, says learning more about what was happening when the art was created will give you a better appreciation of what you see.  Rick’s latest book “Europe’s Top 100 Masterpieces” and his latest PBS series “Art of Europe” will […]
Save money while traveling by using your time wisely   (32:00) November 02, 2022
Travel guru, Rick Steves, says doing your homework before you leave home will save you time and money.  Tip 1:  Don’t hit the big tourist areas during the peak hours. Either go early in the morning or late in the afternoon, or travel during the off-season. And find out how much Rick says you should […]
Which 4-Money Scripts category do you fall under?   (28:55) October 26, 2022
Knowing how you feel about money is the first step to fixing financial issues you may have.  Joyce Marter, author of The Financial Mindset Fix, says 16% of all suicides are financially driven.  And money is the top reason partners have fights. Marter says people typicaly fall under one of 4 categories when it comes […]
Was Alexander Hamilton’s ‘best shot’ the worst for American economics?   (32:04) October 19, 2022
Robert Spendlove, senior vice president and economist with Zions Bank, says Alexander Hamilton ideas are why the Washington DC is able to continually raise our debt ceiling and not run the government’s finances like we run our households. Hamilton’s plan was for the government to buy all bonds issued by both the national and state […]
The 3-Major risks in retirement   (26:55) October 12, 2022
Guest David Rosell, president of Rosell Wealth Management, follows the adage of “failing to plan means you’re planning to fail.”  Especially when it comes to retirement.   He says we need to think of investing in the stock market like we do buying groceries.  When prices go down (on sale) on food, people buy more.  But […]
Taming the high cost of education   (23:15) October 05, 2022
Most college students today will need help to fund their education.  So says Brad Baldridge, the founder of the website, Taming the High Cost of College.  He says paying for higher education will hurt, but it can hurt less if planned well. You can follow this show on Instagram and on Facebook. And to see what Heather does […]
What are the hurdles for 1st time homebuyers?   (30:09) September 28, 2022
The more money you have for a downpayment the lower your interest rate can be.  That’s from Kara Loftus, vice-president of mortgage services at Mountain American Credit Union.  She says putting your house-buying plans on hold is a viable option until you have sufficient funds. If you are in the military or a veteran, you […]
The cost for insulin capped at $35 per month   (12:22) September 21, 2022
If milk prices rose at the same rate as medications, a gallon would cost $13.  That’s from Bill Sweeney, the Senior Vice President of Government Affairs at AARP.  He says the newly signed Inflation Reduction Act is putting a cap on out-of-pocket expenses, especially for those on Medicare D plans. You can follow this show […]
Understanding your health insurance options   (27:54) September 14, 2022
Most people spend 11 hours researching new televisions, and 1-hour choosing health insurance.  Todd Valentine, Senior vice-president of Employee Benefits at Beehive Insurance that’s why people leave money on the table. Susan Speirs, the CEO of Utah Association of CPAs, says there are health care options, like HSAs which can help you on your tax […]
Save money by buying or selling your leased car   (19:13) September 07, 2022
Moving to a car-loan from a lease may be much less expensive than any new or used vehicle sitting on a lot.  So says Zander Cook, the co-founder and COO of Lease End. He says not only is the $500 disposition fee for turning in a leased car waived when you buy it, the amount […]
New SEC rules can affect individuals   (22:04) August 31, 2022
The SEC is not only putting out twice the amount of rules and updates as the previous two White House Administrations, they’ve shortened the time allowed to review them.  Ken Bentsen, President and CEO of SIFMA, says rushing through multiple proposals simultaneously, without understanding their effect on each other, increases the possibility of bad outcomes. […]
Divorce, recession style!   (19:42) August 24, 2022
Alimony is not a punishment or an entitlement.  It’s a spousal welfare program so the government doesn’t have to pay.  That’s from Jonathan Winn, litigation partner at Cordell Law.   He says the most important thing to do before meeting with divorce attorneys is to figure out ahead of time the changing needs of monetary support […]
Building your buffers is key to weathering inflation and recession   (34:01) August 17, 2022
Supply chain issues could fuel inflation for another year.  That’s from Phil Dean, chief economist at the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute and Susan Speirs, CEO of Utah Association of CPAs.  They say having a financial cushion is the only way to survive. Dean says raising interest rates is bringing down inflation, but says The […]