Relentlessly Resilient

We live in challenging times, and it seems only to be getting tougher. Michelle Scarf and Jennie Taylor are no strangers to overcoming adversity.  Michelle lost her husband to metastatic prostate cancer. Jennie's husband, Major Brent Taylor, was killed in the service of our country.  Learn how these two women crossed paths and join them as they visit with others enduring challenges and teach us how they are exercising resiliency, finding value in their grief, and purpose in moving forward.
Kari Malkovich Part 1: Remember what you have already survived in the resiliency relay race   (40:28) November 30, 2022
Kari Malkovich is best known as a community leader in Woodland Hills, Utah, but not many know her past struggles that drive her desire to serve and lift others. In this first-part of a two-part series, she expands on her backstory to our hosts (and her good friends), Jennie Taylor and Michelle Scharf. She compares […]
Cohost conversation: Thanksgiving, gratitude, and the power of “and”   (49:01) November 24, 2022
For this special Thanksgiving cohost conversation,  Relentlessly Resilient hosts Jennie Taylor and Michelle Scharf share how they are tackling this holiday with gratitude and remembering the power of “and.”As Jennie faces her first hosting of the turkey feast, Michelle offers guidance and insight into her own holiday traditions.  Even though we live in challenging times, […]
Resiliency is not what we think: David and Chalece Neilsen on enduring a premature newborn death and the meaningful but complex journey toward resiliency   (42:38) November 17, 2022
In 2014, David and Chalece Neilsen were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their baby when it was discovered that their little girl suffered from a rare form of cancer. She was born prematurely at 25 weeks and given the name Allison Faith. After a fortnight in a NICU incubator under excellent doctor care, the Neilsens’ […]
Author Chani Barlow on’‘Seeking Solace’ with infertility   (41:57) November 09, 2022
Life never goes as we dream, but we can still work toward the dream anyway. In this episode of Relentlessly Resilient, our hosts are joined by author, adoptive mommy, and foster parent, Chani Barlow. She shares how she faced her struggle with infertility with determination and kindness to herself. She also gives listeners some tips […]
TV personality Casey Scott on the Project Recovery podcast and rising with resilience against addiction   (56:29) November 02, 2022
Casey Scott had worked hard to become a beloved TV personality, but under that bubbly outgoing surface, he was fighting a war with the demon of addiction. That surface cracked on September 2, 2018, when he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. Since that time he has taken steps to confront his […]
Ben and Christina Moa Part 2: From football star to a TipTop athletic trainer   (38:21) October 27, 2022
Newlyweds Ben and Christina Moa faced more challenges in the first years of their marriage than the average couple does in their lifetime, due to Ben’s gang life past. Now in this second episode of a two-part series on their life, they share how they worked together to fulfill each other’s football and family dreams. […]
Ben and Christina Moa Part 1: From gang member to family man   (46:13) October 21, 2022
Ben Moa grew up in California’s violent gang world of the 90s. With few strong role models, he fell into gang life, drug use, crime, and more at the tender age of 9 years old. But he counts his first real miracle in life when he was arrested on a trip to Utah and spent […]
Educator Renee Milne on using her grief to help her students find their own pillars of resilience   (39:04) October 12, 2022
Renee Milne lost her younger brother to a tragic car accident in 2005. As a daughter, sister, wife, and young teacher she used her skills as an art teacher and trained communicator to help her loved ones deal with grief. Over the years she has exemplified the pillars of resiliency, self-awareness, mindfulness, self-care, positive relationships, […]
Amputee Jonah Thomson on facing the hurt and getting back to what brings you joy   (41:08) October 05, 2022
Jonah Thomson has always been an active, outdoorsy person, but after losing his lower leg in a motorcycle accident in June of 2020, he was determined to work with the hurt and get back to his favorite sport. Within five months of his amputation, he was back to skiing down the slopes and facing his […]
Thom Brockbank on learning to live with love after his near-death experience   (45:12) October 01, 2022
Thom Brockbank lived a good and healthy life, which is why he was shocked when in May 2022, he was struck down by a “widow maker” heart attack. Thinking quickly he was able to call for help and receive the life-saving care he needed to survive the ordeal, which included an out-of-body near-death experience. He […]
Cohost conversation: Relentlessly Resilient celebrates 100 episodes by exploring Jenna Ahlschlager’s Five Pillars of Resilience   (01:03:11) September 22, 2022
In this celebratory 100th episode of Relentlessly Resilient, hosts Jennie Taylor and Michelle Scharf discuss the lessons they have learned while helping to share the many inspirational stories of others. While we all experience challenges that push us to our limits of endurance, they have found patterns of resilience and gratitude to fortify us on […]
Gold Star wife and attorney Traci Voelke on staying connected after loss through service   (39:10) September 14, 2022
Surviving a spouse is always difficult, even when the spouse has a high-risk military career. For Gold Star wife Traci Voelke, losing her husband and high school sweetheart Major Paul C. Voelke was a heartbreaking reminder of the importance of connecting with those we love. After Paul’s death in his fifth deployment overseas, and facing […]
Patti Elliott a Blue Star turned Gold Star mother honors her son by continuing to volunteer in the military community   (47:08) September 08, 2022
Patti Elliott knew from an early age her son was a “kind of adrenaline junky,” but she didn’t know the heartache that would leave her with. At the age of 21 her son, Army Specialist Daniel Lucas Elliott passed away on his second deployment due to a roadside bomb in July 2011. Taking her from […]
‘Hope is Alive’ even amid the heartache of the drug overdose death of a loved one   (45:15) August 31, 2022
Addiction is not only dangerous for the victim but devastating for the people that love them. For Jeff and Rosemary Masters of Oklahoma addiction took their 28-year-old son Jeremy to an overdose in October 2019. The military couple had always lived a dream-type life, even being nicknamed Ken and Barbie by friends. But when their […]
Cohost conversation: Learning to let go in spite of back-to-school stresses   (46:29) August 24, 2022
Back-to-school time can lead to lots of back-to-school stresses, and in this special Cohost Conversation episode of Relentlessly Resilient, our hosts Jennie Taylor and Michelle Scharf talk about how they have delt with that stress, as well as other dramas in 2022. We take the time to catch up on new houses, lost romances, and […]
How medical cannabis helped restore this cancer survivor’s life, and how she helped lead the charge to legalize its use in Utah   (38:30) August 17, 2022
In late 2018 Utah’s governor signed a medical marijuana compromise into law, legalizing medical cannabis in some instances in the state. But for years before the legalization, patients and caregivers lobbied for medical cannabis acceptance, often taking risks into their own hands by illegally obtaining the drug for relief. One such advocate and lobbyist is […]
A lesson on resilience from Army Veteran, Gold Star Widow, and military spouse, Jennifer Ballou   (35:28) August 03, 2022
Jennifer Ballou is many things from a speaker, yoga instructor, Army Veteran, mother of three, and a trained teacher of resilience. After the loss of her husband, Staff Sgt. Edward “Eddie” Loredo, in 2010, she was invited by the Army to take, and then teach, lessons on resilience. She has grown as a person to […]
Nathan Whiting on wrestling with divorce and the disappointments of life and coming out on top   (37:31) July 27, 2022
Nathan Whiting knew a bit about resilience as he wrestled for his high school team, but little did he know that the power to keep getting up would assist him in reaching his dreams. After an early marriage and early divorce, he wasn’t sure if he could reach his goal of becoming a veterinarian. With […]
Gold Star Widow Melissa Ault Ricci on developing ‘Compassionate Courage’ in the face of fear and loss   (31:51) July 20, 2022
The loss of a loved one is something that hurts forever. And for Gold Star Widow Melissa Ault Ricci, 15 years after losing her husband, Army Specialist Alexander Rosa Jr. to an improvised explosive device in Iraq in 2007, she is still building tools of resilience to overcome that pain. As a retired military member […]
Master Sergeant Aaron Hudgins on moving forward after the suicide of his military wife   (43:17) July 14, 2022
Army Survivor Advisory Working Group member Aaron Hudgins, a Master Sergeant with the Oklahoma Army National Guard, knew that service in the military would help shape his life but not that it would help him find the love of his life. After a whirlwind romance, he and Staff Sergeant Jari “JJ” Jeanine Hudgins married in […]