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2022-01-23 Religion Today – Understanding Strange, Odd and Difficult Stories in the Bible – Part 2   (19:59) January 23, 2022
In this second of a two-part series on possible ways to understand difficult stories and versus in the Bible, host Martin Tanner explains how the real 2021 Newspaper and TV accounts of a New England lobster diver who was swallowed by a Humpback whale, and lived to tell about it, may help explain the story […]
2022-01-16 Religion Today – Understanding Strange, Odd and Difficult Stories in the Bible – Part 1   (20:00) January 16, 2022
In the first of a series of shows, host Martin Tanner describes ways to understand difficult to grasp and understand Bible stories that seem strange, odd, bazaar and are difficult to understand.  These include the following:  How could Eve be created from Adam’s rib?  How could a serpent or snake talk and tempt Adam and […]
2022-01-09 Religion Today – A Brief Introduction to the Old Testament and Some Tips for Understanding It   (19:59) January 09, 2022
The Old Testament is as relevant today as it ever has been.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner explains why it is still relevant and gives tips on how to more easily understand it.  “Genesis” comes from a Greek word meaning “beginning.”  Genesis describes the beginning of the earth, heaven, sun, moon, […]
2022-01-02 Religion Today – The Future, Ideas for 2022 Resolutions, in Religion and Politics   (20:00) January 01, 2022
Now in its 32nd year Religion Today begins 2022 with host Martin Tanner quoting the Apostle Paul about evil in the Last Days.  Brigham Young is quoted from the Journal of Discourses.  Ideas for New Year’s resolutions are presented; and, about acquiring knowledge before being zealous in religion and politics.
2021-12-26 Religion Today – Jesus Birth Date and Birth Year, Messiah, Son of Man   (19:59) December 24, 2021
Host Martin Tanner corrects an error from his prior podcast, then describes why there was a Jewish community or colony in Egypt when Joseph, Mary and Jesus fled there to escape the wrath of Herod.  The Star of Bethlehem was likely a comet, seen and noted in 5 BC.  The phrase in Matthew 2:9 the […]
2021-12-19 Religion Today – The Magi The Star and the Birth of Jesus   (19:57) December 19, 2021
Religion Today host Martin Tanner explains the “Wise Men” or “Magi” (the root word for magician” in English may have been Zoroastrian Priests traveling from the east, near or at Babylon.  The Star of Bethleham could have been a comet, a super-nova or perhaps a super-natural event.  Jesus was likely born in 4 BC or […]
2021-12-12 Religion Today – The Widespread Belief in Angels   (19:59) December 12, 2021
Belief in angels is widespread.  Would it surprise you to learn more people believe in angels than believe in global warming or climate change?  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner explains what or who angels are, where they come from and what their purpose is.  Many people, even some who do not […]
2021-12-05 Religion Today – Read the Gospel of Mark For Christmas and it Will Enhance Your Understanding of Our Savior   (19:57) December 04, 2021
In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner suggests that during the Christmas Season, reading the Gospel of Mark, all at once, which will take about 1 1/2 hours, will enhance your understanding of our Savior.  It was the first Gospel written, and it was written in “first person.”  For example God says “I […]
2021-11-27 Religion Today – Polygamy in the Old and New Testaments, in the LDS Faith in the 1800, and in Christianity Today   (19:58) December 04, 2021
In this Religion Today episode, host Martin Tanner puts polygamy in perspective.  At least 40 men in the Old Testament were polygamists, including Abraham, Moses, Jacob, Esau, David and Solomon.  What is less known is that polygamy was practiced in Judaism into the third and fourth centuries AD, according to Josephus, St. Augustine, Justin and […]
2021-11-21 Religion Today – Love and Gratitude and Thanksgiving are the Ways to Find Happiness During Life’s Trials   (20:00) November 21, 2021
In this Thanksgiving episode, host Martin Tanner provides real life experiences, scriptures and other insights into how to find happiness during difficult times in one’s life, and during troubles times in the world. 
2021-11-14 Religion Today – Prof. Kerry Muhlestein on his new Isaiah Commentary and Guide   (20:00) November 13, 2021
In this Religion Today episode, host Martin Tanner interviews Professor Kerry Muhlestein, MA, Ancient Near-Eastern Studies, PhD, Egyptology, past Visiting Fellow at Oxford, and current Director of the BYU Egypt Excavation Project.  Prof. Muhlestein has just published an excellent book on Isaiah “Learning to Love Isaiah.”  The 2022 Come Follow Me is the Old Testament.  […]
2021-11-07 Religion Today – How to Persuade Atheists and Agnostics in the Existence of God.Part 2   (20:00) November 06, 2021
In this second of a two part series, host Martin Tanner explains in easy to understand ways, some of the scientific evidence for God, including the astronomical odds against the finding water, oxygen, the right temperature range, the right gravitational pull, needed carbon and other nutrients, for the existence of life.  In addition, even the […]
2021-10-31 Religion Today – How to Persuade Atheists and Agnostics in the Existence of God   (19:59) October 31, 2021
Believers in God often try to persuade atheists or agnostics God exists by using scriptures such as the Bible or Book of Mormon.  Typically, arguments of faith do not work with atheists and agnostics, who see scriptures as faith based.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner provides an overview of some of […]
2021-10-24 Religion Today – The Impact of Anti-Mormon and Anti-Joseph Smith Publications on Joseph Smith and The Restored Church of Jesus Christ   (19:59) October 24, 2021
During the type-setting of the Book of Mormon, continuously to the time of his death Joseph Smith was faced with anti-Mormon and Anti-Joseph Smith publications, from newspaper publications, to pamphlets, to books.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner gives an over-view of the extraordinary opposition Joseph Smith faced and overcame during his […]
2021-10-17 Religion Today – How to Answer Difficult Gospel Questions – Martin Tanner’s Debate with a Former Latter-day Saint as an Illustration   (19:59) October 16, 2021
How do you find answers to difficult Gospel Questions?  In this episode of Religion Today Host Martin Tanner uses his 2018 debate with a former Latter-day Saint who left the Church over questions he could not answer in the Book of Mormon, to show how to be patient and how to look to find answers […]
2021-10-10 Religion Today – God Loves You No Matter Your Flaws and Imperfections – God’s Love is Always There for You No Matter What   (19:59) October 10, 2021
Many people have the idea, and have even been taught, that God’s love is conditional; that God loves the righteous more than the unrighteous; that he loves people with problems less and good people more.  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin Tanner explains from the experiences of Joseph Smith, the teachings of Church […]
2021-10-03 Religion Today – Was there Baptism Before Christianity – Is Baptism in the Book of Mormon Before Christianity aa Error   (19:59) October 03, 2021
What was John the Baptist doing when he baptized people?  His baptism was not a Christian ritual.  After all, he was baptizing before Jesus’ ministry began.  Is Baptism in the Book of Mormon before the time of Christ an error and proof it is not of God?  In this episode of Religion Today, host Martin […]
2021-09-26 Religion Today – Touching Near-Death Experiences from a 6 year old boy and a 14 year old girl   (20:00) September 25, 2021
The near-death experiences of a 6-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl are shared by host Martin Tanner in this touching episode.  Both saw Jesus and one saw Heavenly Father.  Both experiences will help listeners understand how all are loved by God, how all can be forgiven, what is important in life, and that the Second […]
2021-09-19 Religion Today – Race in Judaism, Christianity, and in the LDS Faith   (20:00) September 19, 2021
Several critics emailed to ask whether host Martin Tanner believes Brigham Young was racist.  In this broadcast, Martin Tanner answers and responds to a broader question by explaining why neither The LDS Church and Joseph Smith were ahead of their time in having Blacks, Native Americans and others treated like all other visitors and members, […]
2021-09-12 Religion Today – Radical Islamic Religious Beliefs Caused 9-11, Not Western Politics or Foreign Policy   (19:59) September 12, 2021
The day after the 20th anniversary of 9-11, Religion Today Host Martin Tanner explains why the interpretation of 109 verses in the Quran by Radical Muslims, like the Taliban, ISIS, Al Quada, etc. caused 9-11, not U.S. foreign policy or U.S. involvement in the Middle-East, as some erroneously claim.  Learn why 99% of all terrorist […]