Sound Advice with the Osmonds

Imagine being born into a world-famous singing family, without the ability to hear and understand music. Justin Osmond can relate. But he's not sorry. He says significant hearing loss was a blessing in disguise. Join Justin Osmond and his famous father Merrill Osmond, lead singer of the Osmonds, as they talk about what they've both learned from fame, fortune and family in Sound Advice. It's a weekly video podcast sure to inspire.
Travis Osmond: “It’s OK to Make Mistakes”   (02:49:39) September 06, 2022
Travis Osmond is the oldest son of Merrill & Mary Osmond. Early on in life he experienced the mania of touring on the road with his famous father, uncles, and […]
Marie Osmond: “Don’t Be Afraid of Tough”   (03:12:14) February 10, 2022
Growing up with famous brothers wasn’t always easy for Marie Osmond.  When mega-success did come with her brother on the “Donny & Marie” show, her parents’ blue-collar work ethic kept […]
James Lawrence: “Fighting Pain with Inner Strength”   (03:08:14) February 10, 2022
After setting world records in the triathlon, James Lawrence attempted to do the unthinkable–100 full triathlons in 100 consecutive days.  On Day 59 he suffered a catastrophic bike crash.  Here’s […]
Merrill & Mary Osmond: “Grief, Hope and ‘Troy-ing’ Harder”   (03:22:14) February 10, 2022
Losing a son or daughter isn’t something a parent ever wants to experience.  Merrill and Mary Osmond lost their youngest son, Troy, to an undiagnosed heart condition two years ago. […]
Thurl Bailey: “Power in Potential”   (02:48:14) February 10, 2022
As a 6’7″ eighth-grader, Thurl Bailey was cut from his school’s basketball team and the coach told him to never come back. The next year, a new coach offered him […]
Tom Osmond: “Just Do the Best You Can”   (02:23:14) February 10, 2022
Thomas R. Osmond is the second-born son of George and Olive Osmond. Like his older brother Virl, Tom was born with profound hearing loss. With unwavering support from his parents, […]
Mark & Sally Dietlein:  “Finding Joy Through Others’ Happiness”   (03:23:14) April 05, 2021
In the mid-1980’s, Mark and Sally Dietlein helped convert an old factory with a leaky roof into a theater with a round stage.  They opened up to a paid attendance […]
Shane Osmond: Bond of Brothers   (02:44:14) January 29, 2021
Merrill Osmond’s family moved around a lot in the early years, and with it, his children became best friends. His sons Justin & Shane talk about this “bond of brothers” […]
GENTRI: “Dare to Dream”   (02:40:14) September 23, 2020
GENTRI (short for “The Gentlemen Trio”) was formed in 2014 by tenors Brad Robins, Casey Elliott and Bradley Quinn Lever. What started out as a simple idea to just produce […]
Justin & Kristi Osmond: “Healing Hearts through Adoption”   (02:53:14) August 25, 2020
Married in 2013, Justin & Kristi Osmond tried for years to start a family. After painful treatments and multiple miscarriages, the couple navigated through grief to find two little angels […]
Chad Hymas: “Always Rolling Forward”   (03:27:14) July 29, 2020
Almost twenty years ago,  Chad Hymas was living his dream with his wife and two small boys on their ranch in rural Utah.  A blinking red light on the dashboard […]
Gary R. Herbert: Work + Perseverance = Progress   (03:03:14) July 29, 2020
Raised in Orem, UT, Gary Herbert grew up painfully shy and grounded in sports. After a mission for his church and service to his country, he set up a real […]
Alan & David Osmond: “Fighting Disease like Rock Stars”   (04:32:14) July 28, 2020
Merrill Osmond began singing with his big brother Alan when he was four years old. For the next couple decades, they literally sang side-by-side. In 1987, Alan was diagnosed with […]
Elizabeth Smart: “Power in Surviving”   (03:39:14) July 28, 2020
In March of 2003, Elizabeth Smart was rescued after being held captive for nine months.  In the years since, she has testified to put her captors behind bars, helped promote […]
Jon & Michelle Schmidt: “Overcoming Grief through Trust”   (05:05:14) July 28, 2020
Jon Schmidt began composing his own music in elementary school, and by 1991 he’d released his first studio album.  Over the past 30 years, he and his wife Michelle raised five […]
Celebrating Fatherhood   (03:03:14) July 28, 2020
Whether they are the master-of-the-corny-joke, or whether you’ve never even met them, we can all appreciate a dad and learn something from them.  Merrill and Justin Osmond talk about their own […]
Alone in a Crowd   (02:30:14) July 28, 2020
Surrounded by screaming fans at Madison Square Garden, Justin Osmond watched his dad and uncles onstage perform some of the hits that made the Osmonds mega-stars of the 1970’s.  However, […]
Hard Work and Burning Skates   (02:10:14) July 28, 2020
One of the requirements for the Osmond Brothers to perform on “The Andy Williams Show” was to do something new each week. One particular week, the show centered on ice […]
The Olive Branch   (02:54:14) July 28, 2020
In the early years, Olive Osmond spent countless hours with her older two sons helping them adapt to profound hearing loss. Later on, when the younger sons and daughter achieved […]
Rising After the Fall   (01:41:14) July 28, 2020
In the early 1970’s, Elvis Presley recommended that the Osmond brothers get ahold of a friend of his–Chuck Norris. The brothers began to learn Tang Soo Do karate, and during […]