Utah Weekly Forum with Rebecca Cressman

Utah Weekly Forum is a Public Affairs Program hosted each week by National and Local Award Winning Personality Rebecca Cressman. UWF is a program dedicated to raising awareness for non-profit organizations, local charities, humanitarian groups, and anybody willing to improve lives and communities across the world. Utah Weekly Forum can be downloaded and podcast every Monday!
New Podcast Gives Voice to Afghan Refugees in Utah   (28:01) September 22, 2023
When the U.S. military pulled out of Afghanistan, the world witnessed news reports of men, women, and children rushing Kabul airport to escape the violence unleashed by the new regime. […]
Salt Lake City Hosts Navy Week   (22:09) September 22, 2023
The United States Navy celebrates Navy Week throughout 13 communities in the U.S. to give Americans a chance to learn more about the Navy and its important role in our […]
Local Hospitals Recognized Among the Best for Cancer Care   (25:34) September 05, 2023
Receiving a cancer diagnosis is a frightening experience, but in the last few decades there has been real progress in cancer research and treatments. In this week’s edition of Utah […]
Weekend Festival Honors Utah’s Polynesian Heritage   (26:35) August 30, 2023
For 3 days of Labor Day weekend, Utah will have a chance to celebrate Polynesian heritage together during “Polynesian Days”. The celebration includes music, food, cultural exhibitions, and international dance […]
Celebrating Utah’s Hispanic Community   (24:52) August 17, 2023
For more than 20 years, the non-profit organization Alliance Community Services has provided vital health, legal, and social growth services to Utah’s underserved Latino community. Now, they are inviting all […]
Creating Awareness and Support for Healing Hearts   (24:47) August 09, 2023
Congenital heart defects are one of the most common kinds of birth defects. They can alter the way a child’s heart works and depending on how mild or serious they […]
What You Can Do to Prevent Wildfires in Utah   (26:55) August 09, 2023
It is wildfire season in Utah and, after a wet winter and spring, there’s even more shrubs, growth, and trees that could catch fire. But, most wildfires are preventable, especially […]
Utahns Hold Community Celebration of Bolivia’s Independence   (27:29) July 27, 2023
Bolivian folklore dancers are famous worldwide for their stunning costumes and high-energy “Caporales” dance that traces its beginnings to the Andean mountains in Western Bolivia.  On August 5th, the Bolivia […]
Famed “Studio C” Cast Release Pioneer Comedy Film   (23:34) July 21, 2023
The original cast of the sketch comedy show “Studio C” bring their comedic genius to Utah movie theaters for Utah’s Pioneer Day Weekend. The new movie filmed in Utah called […]
5 For the Fight Against Cancer Tees Off in Provo   (28:18) July 08, 2023
Guy Roche has volunteered for many years organizing charity golf tournaments to raise crucial funds needed for cancer research at Huntsman Cancer Institute. This year’s “Golf Classic” on July 10th in […]
Lessons Learned from Utah’s Mountain Meadows Massacre   (26:36) June 24, 2023
In 1857, Utah settlers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints were at war with the federal government. During the heightened hostilities, Iron County militiamen deliberately massacred a wagon train […]
Famous Irish Tenor Celebrates Irish American Heritage in Utah   (24:19) June 17, 2023
Ireland’s Emmet Cahill is one of the most acclaimed Tenors in the world and Utahns have a chance to hear him perform songs that celebrate Irish and American heritage on […]
Utah Women Perceive More Gender Bias than Utah Men   (23:03) June 10, 2023
Gender Bias is behavior that shows favoritism toward one gender over another, and in Utah there’s a big difference between how men and women see it’s prevalence in the workplace. […]
Utah Families Invited to Show Up for Summer Service Festival   (26:47) June 03, 2023
Summer is often a time for kids and families to relax and recharge. This summer Utah’s First Lady Abby Cox is encouraging Utah families to also give a day or […]
Utah Extends Postpartum Medical Care to Save Lives   (23:23) May 20, 2023
In Utah, pregnancy related deaths are increasing. Studies show many of those deaths occurred up to a year after the mother had given birth and that 92% of those deaths […]
How to Care for Your Mental Health   (23:44) May 13, 2023
Mental health affects virtually every aspect of life impacting our overall well-being, physical health, relationships, work, and school performance. That’s why it’s so important to get help when we need […]
What You Can Do to Prevent Skin Cancer   (22:55) May 07, 2023
With its high mountainous elevations and desert communities, Utah has the highest rate of Melanoma in the country. But skin cancer can be prevented and not just with sunscreen. May […]
Donating Life Through Transplants   (25:36) May 05, 2023
April is National Donate Life Month and across the U.S., 104,000 people are currently waiting for a kidney, liver, pancreas, heart or lungs on the organ transplant list.  In Utah, 900 […]
Helping Utah Teens Race Towards Mental Health   (26:39) April 28, 2023
Utah’s young population is hurting. One Youth Risk Behavior survey showed that 41% of teenagers in Utah felt hopeless or sad and that 22.5% had contemplated suicide. Recent public affairs […]
Utah Plans for an Age-Friendly Environment   (25:16) April 15, 2023
Utah’s aging population is growing. Research estimates that by 2030 more than 17% of Utah’s residents will be over the age of 60. So, how do we create communities that […]