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2021-08-15 Religion Today – The Greek Septuagint Bible, and How Jesus, the New Testament Writers and Early Christians Used It

Did you know that Jesus, the Apostles and New Testament writers all read the scriptures the Greek (the Septuagint version of the Bible)?  In this episode of Religion Today, the host Martin Tanner explains why Jesus, the Apostles and Early Christians all read the Old Testament in Greek (the Septuagint Bible) and quotes from it.  The Apostle Paul, in his NT writings, quotes over 100 times from the Septuagint.  The Septuagint is often from an earlier, better version of Hebrew, than existing Hebrew Bibles today.  For example, the Septuagint says the Messiah would be born to a virgin.  The Hebrew Bible says the Messiah would be born to a young woman.  The differences have a profound effect on Christian doctrine.

Published: Saturday August 14, 2021
Runtime: 00:19:59