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2022-05-22 Religion Today – Are Reincarnation and Christianity Compatible

Are reincarnation and Christianity compatible?  A growing number of Latter-day Saints and other Christians self-identify as Christians and believers in reincarnation.  In this episode of Religion Today host Martin Tanner explains why belief in reincarnation and Christianity are not compatible.  He explains why it is not possible that Jesus taught reincarnation.  He explains how reincarnation in incompatible with the Atonement, resurrection, eternal families, eternal progression.  The ultimate goal of Christianity is eternal progression resulting in a resurrected individual very much like Jesus.  The ultimate goal of reincarnation is to become one with the universe without an individual identify, and without a body.  Why do some people who have near-death experiences believe they see reincarnation?  They see themselves or other in the pre-existence.  They see others who have died in Paradise or Spirit Prison, in the next phase of eternal progression.  This they misinterpret at reincarnation.

Published: Saturday May 21, 2022
Runtime: 00:19:59