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2022-06-19 Religion Today – Fathers and Their Divinely Ordained Purpose in Family and Society

In this Fathers’ Day episode, host Martin Tanner describes the divinely ordained purpose and role of fathers.  Being in a single parent home is the greatest predictor of poverty for a child.  A long neglected area of study is the impact of fathers on children and the family unit.  It is no coincidence that in all areas where fathers are absent, there is an increase in poverty, crime, alcoholism, drug use, lack of education, mental illness and physical health.  In this age where the idea is a person can chose to be a man or woman or anything in between or nothing at all, science has come to understand biology cannot be chosen.  The role of men and fathers in society and in the family is important 

Published: Saturday June 18, 2022
Runtime: 00:19:59