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2022-08-07 Religion Today – Scott Drummond and International Near-death Experiences Conference in Utah

Martin Tanner’s guest Scott Drummond shares a little of his near-death experience which has had over 19 millions views on YouTube.  Scott Drummond Martin discuss the near-death experiences conference sponsored by IANDS coming to Salt Lake City September 1-4, 2022.  A 60% discount is available to listeners, students, listeners and anyone who uses this code:  STUDENT288  when signing up at:  Sign up for one speaker, one day or the entire conference.  Speakers include:  Mary Neal, MD, Professor Dan Peterson, Scott Drummond, Jeff Olsen, Emily Spear, Martin Tanner and dozens of others.  See the new film Remembering Heaven about near-death experiences in which those waiting to be born are seen.  Email Martin Tanner with any questions:

Published: Sunday August 07, 2022
Runtime: 00:19:59