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2023-02-05 Religion Today – Purported Translation of the Sealed Portion of the Golden Plates is a Hoax

Mauricio Berger of Brazil claims the Angel Moroni appeared to him in 2007.  Berger also claims he has translated part of the “sealed portion” of the Golden Plates from which the Book of Mormon was translated by Joseph Smith. After reading Berger’s purported translation, Religion Today host Martin Tanner concludes this is a poor hoax. Berger’s description of the physical description of the sealed portion of the Golden Plates contradicts the description of Joseph Smith and the three and eight witnesses.  Also, the content of Berger’s bogus translation contradicts what the Book of Mormon describes in the Book of Ether.  Also, two of Berger’s witnesses to the angel and Golden Plates have recanted.  Hear the details in this episode of Religion Today.

Published: Sunday February 05, 2023
Runtime: 00:19:59