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2023-04-01 Religion Today – Accuracy of the Gospels is Confirmed by Three First Century non-Christian Historians

Are the Gospel records accurate? Are they trustworthy? The question is not whether the authors of the Gospels had a Christian point of view, they did. The real question is whether they accurately reported the life of Jesus.  We can tell they were from the highly regarded historians of the First century, Cornelius Tacitus and his book “Annals,” Pliny the Younger and his famous letter about the Christians to the Emperor Trajan, and from Flavius Josephus and his “Jewish Antiquities.”  These highly regarded sources confirm the New Testament narrative that Jesus was executed under Pontius Pilate, in Judea, Jesus was worshiped as deity by the first Christians, Christianity spread fast throughout the Roman Empire and beyond, Christians from the beginning sang hymns and practiced the Sacrament, and, the Jesus’ half brother James was a Christian leader.

Published: Sunday April 02, 2023
Runtime: 00:19:59