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2023-08-27 Religion Today – Don Bradley and His Book The Lost 116 Pages

Martin Tanner interviews LDS scholar Don Bradley about his book “The Lost 116 Pages” which took a decade of research and pieces together some amazing facts, including: (1) Lucy Harris did not burn or destroy the lost 116 pages; (2) Laban was drunk during the Passover Festival when he was killed by Nephi: (3) combining the Book of Mormon we now have with the amount lost, Joseph Smith may have translated up to 900 pages; (4) the lost 116 pages were written on “Fools Cap” paper (named for the “dunce cap” water mark) which was twice the size of today’s 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper; (5) the Lost 116 pages described how the Nephite Interpreters were acquired by the Nephites, etc.  Don Bradley’s “The Lost 116 Pages” is a very readable, masterful, and scholarly look at the contents and history of the lost 116 pages.

Published: Saturday August 26, 2023
Runtime: 00:20:00