Project Recovery

Amy Harris on finding the courage to live a life of recovery — one day at a time

Amy Harris joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley to talk about growing up in a party household, having her first alcoholic beverage as a child, and how she was introduced to the idea that alcohol could be used to calm the chaos in her life during her teenage years.

Then Amy opens up about the struggles she experienced becoming a parent as a 17-year-old, meeting her first husband, and the decision to move to Richfield, UT, which triggered anxiety and excessive substance abuse.

We also talk about the pain she experienced following the passing of her husband due to a plane crash, how it led her to rely on substances to cope with the hardship she was dealing with at the time, and Amy’s decision to lean into the idea of being an addict.

Lastly, Amy talks about the moment she realized that she had to commit to a life of recovery and pursue her dream of becoming a nurse.

Published: Tuesday June 21, 2022
Runtime: 01:12:18