Project Recovery

Angelique Richards on developing her identity to overcome addiction

Angelique Richards joins the show to talk about many of the contributing factors that built up the framework for addiction including getting married young to appeal to societal expectations, dealing with extreme anxiety after losing her identity due to marriage at a young age, and the stress that came with having a daughter at such a tumultuous time.

Then Angelique opens up about how her panic evolved into depression, becoming dependent on medication to help ease her anxiety and depression, and the harsh reality of overdosing.

We also dive into how she began to experiment with deeper levels of substance abuse, the moment she knew she needed to seek out help for her addiction, and the empowerment that came with healing through many of the feelings that she was trying to avoid.

Lastly, Angelique shares what she’s working on now with her business, Leakd, appearing on “The Big D”, an explosive dating competition series, and living an amazing life of recovery.

You can learn more about Angelique and her business on Instagram at @leakd._ and

Published: Tuesday May 31, 2022
Runtime: 00:56:19