Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle

Antoni Porowski: Eggs, Salad, Fish, Steak, Potatoes, Vegetable, Pasta, Crepes

You know Antoni Porowski as the charming, gentle, earnest food and wine expert on Netflix’s Queer Eye, but before he got his big break, he was an out of work actor who spent years working front-of-the-house restaurant jobs. Antoni shares his biggest home kitchen splurge, after landing the coveted job as one of the Fab Five, and Your Last Meal listeners call in to confess their most extravagant food related flings.

Antoni and host Rachel Belle were both intrigued by TV dinners as kids, something neither were allowed to have, so we’ll learn the origin story of those little compartmentalized trays filled with frozen Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes. And the co-author of the new Gastro Obscura book joins the show to share the stories behind some of the world’s most remarkable, strange and fascinating foods of past and present. Who invented Hawaiian pizza? Why were single Austrian women putting apples under their armpits? Listen in!

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Published: Thursday September 02, 2021
Runtime: 00:34:11