Thurl Talk

Bringing everyone together with the power of music

This week we’re switching things up a little bit. Thurl Bailey takes us on a musical journey in the hopes of healing any pain we might be feeling during the pandemic.

Thurl talks about some of his favorite cover songs that he’s recorded, from Bill Withers to Harry Chapin, the original tracks that Thurl is the proudest of, and how the message and power of music can help get us through these hard times.

It’s Gonna Be Alright – 4:08
Ain’t No Sunshine – 8:19
My Love – 13:25
Not Giving Up On Love Duet with Christine Gordon – 17:23
Here Comes My Love duet with Jolsyn Petty – 21:42
What You Won’t Do For Love – 25:47
Love Saved The Day (Duet with Billy Dean) – 30:50
Let There Be Peace On Earth – 37:07
Every Mind – 41:45
Cat’s In The Cradle – 46:16
Lovely Day – 50:27

You can find Thurl’s entire collection of music on Apple music.

Published: Tuesday May 05, 2020
Runtime: 00:54:23