Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle

Carla Lalli Music: Bread + Butter & Red Wine

Carla Lalli Music has found success in so many culinary corners of the food world; from her job as Shake Shake’s very first manager to Bon Appétit magazine’s food director to bestselling cookbook author. Her new, cheery, bright yellow cookbook is called That Sounds So Good — a phrase we’ve certainly all moaned after reading about a particularly droolworthy dish.

Carla’s last meal doesn’t contain a drop of religious significance, but the combination of foods she craves are unavoidably biblical. So host Rachel Belle talks with Italian archaeologist and researcher Generoso Urciuoli about what Jesus and his 12 apostles would have actually eaten at The Last Supper.
Carla shares the condiment her family loves so much, they go through a jar nearly every day and the gimmicky TikTok food trends they’ve tried over the pandemic.

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Published: Thursday October 28, 2021
Runtime: 00:25:30