Project Recovery

Reboot: How a drunk driver changed Sarah Frei’s life forever

As more listeners come to the podcast, we want to introduce them to stories that they might not have heard yet. That’s why we want to retell a story that impacted us more than we could have ever imagined…

In this week’s episode, Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley are joined by Sarah Frei and her dad Greg, to recount the accident on July 30, 2020, in Logan County that caused her to become paralyzed after being hit head-on by a drunk driver and how she ended up having to have her legs amputated due to the accident.

Then she talks about how she’s been able to stay so positive after the crash, the support she’s received all throughout the state of Utah, and how she’s been able to adapt to life following the accident.

Lastly, Sarah opens up about how she’s been able to stay so optimistic, why her family has been so important throughout the past year, and the source of her optimism.

Published: Tuesday April 12, 2022
Runtime: 01:11:39