Project Recovery

Corey Markisich and Ryan Decker share their recovery journeys and their work at Wasatch Recovery

Corey Markisich(Executive Director of Wasatch Recovery) joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley to open up about how anxiety affected his childhood, experimenting with Oxycontin in high school with his friends, and how abusing pain medication led to getting arrested for participating in a major drug ring.

Then Ryan Decker(Marketing Director of Wasatch Recovery)¬†joins the show to talk about his family’s history with mental illness and addiction, how being introduced to weed and alcohol in high school evolved into spending $400 a day on pain medication over the course of a decade, and how addressing trauma at Wasatch Recovery turned into finding his passion for recovery.

Lastly, we dive into how Wasatch Recovery is making an impact in the world of recovery throughout the state.

To learn more about Corey and Ryan or Wasatch Recovery, you can visit

Published: Tuesday July 12, 2022
Runtime: 01:15:08