Project Recovery

Curtis G. Marsh on what it took for him to rise above the chaos

Curtis G. Marsh (President of Capital Growth Management Inc.) joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley to talk about Curtis’s upbringing in Utah and how the idea of being forced to be a perfect person laid the framework for addiction to flourish once he became successful at a very early age. 

Curtis also opens up about beginning to abuse alcohol to fit in with his peers, compounding his alcohol abuse with drug abuse, and spending 30 days in jail in 2008.  

We also talk about what Curtis learned from his time in jail, how it has shaped his recovery moving forward, and the power that he’s found in redefining CHAOS to help empower his life to the fullest. 

You can purchase Curtis Marsh’s book Rising Above: Business Leaders Going Beyond Boundaries to Grab Success here:

You can also view his Tedx talk here:

Published: Tuesday May 10, 2022
Runtime: 00:54:13