Utah Puck Report

Dave Imonti and Evan Stoflet talk about the current landscape of hockey

In today’s episode, Jay Stevens is joined by West Coast Renegades President Dave Imonti and coach Evan Stoflet. The West Coast Renegades will be the first to have tryouts after the quarantine and in the new normal.

We talk about the sudden end of the season, and how we get started on the new season. We also discuss new coach and former Grizzlies fan favorite Jon “Push” Puskar and his recruitment efforts for this upcoming season.

We also talk about “The Barn” WCR’s own rink and what that offers to its players and the area. Evan tells us about his new “801Hockey” individualized training program.

For more info in WCR and the upcoming tryouts go to westcoastrenegades.com or find them on any social media platform

For more info on 801hockey email es801hockey@protonmail.com

Published: Thursday June 11, 2020
Runtime: 00:20:21