Thurl Talk

Dick Vitale on his time as Piston’s head coach, NCAA one-time transfer rule, and Jim Valvano’s impact

Thurl Bailey is joined by Dick Vitale (ESPN College Basketball Analyst) to talk about how coaching a baseball team in Rutherford, NJ ultimately led to him coaching for the Detroit Pistons in the NBA.

Then we dive into his time in Detroit, his love for college hoops, and why the traditional big man is a lost art.

Dick also talks about why the one-time transfer rule is going to cause chaos for the NCAA and why players should be able to skip college and go straight to the NBA.

Lastly, we remember the late, great Jim Valvano and how his impact can still be felt decades after succumbing to cancer on April 28, 1993.

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Published: Tuesday April 28, 2020
Runtime: 00:29:31