FBI Confidential

Do you have an active shooter strategy?

AUDIO ONLY: The special agent who trains all SWAT members in the FBI’s Salt Lake City Division says if you don’t have an active shooter plan, you should get one and start practicing. In an interview with host Sheryl Worsley, the agent (whom we are not naming because he works active cases in the area) talks about how cell phones can both help and hurt in an active shooter situation. He explains the ‘Run, Hide, Fight’ protocol and explains why police responses to active shooters have changed since the Columbine shooting in 1999. The agent reviews the training required to be on SWAT, some of the specialties that make a robust team and how agents adapt when they encounter innocent civilians or kids in during an arrest. Lastly, the agent talks about¬†the highlight of his career, the rescue of a kidnapped 5 year old boy.¬†

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Published: Thursday July 12, 2018
Runtime: 00:00:00