Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle

Taylor Hanson: Caprese with Perfect Tomatoes & Burrata

Taylor Hanson is the middle brother in Hanson, the band he’s been performing in with his brothers Isaac and Zac since he was nine years old. So it’s not surprising that this Oklahoma boy had a palate changing culinary epiphany while touring in Europe when he was 15.

That epiphany revolved around a perfectly ripe, locally grown tomato, and anyone who’s ever picked a pink, mealy tomato slice off their burger knows that commercially grown tomatoes leave much to be desired. Host Rachel Belle chats with Dr. Harry Klee, a horticulture professor who has worked for nearly three decades to develop a flavorful, affordable grocery store tomato. And he answers the question: why are supermarket tomatoes so bad??

And the Oklahoma Historical Society joins the show to share the story behind Oklahoma’s official state meal.

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Published: Thursday May 19, 2022
Runtime: 00:32:02