Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle

Eugene Mirman, Dim Sum

Bob’s Burgers star (he voices Gene!) Eugene Mirman took an unorthodox route to becoming a professional comedian: he actually earned a bachelor’s degree in comedy! And a quick scroll through his Instagram page reveals a man who loves home cooking; he’s whipped up everything from pad Thai to homemade pasta while spending lots of time at home during the pandemic.

So this episode is all about the intersection of food and comedy. Gastro Obscura’s senior associate editor, Anne Ewbank, takes us on a historical journey, from the ancient Greeks and their genital-heavy seafood jokes to the vaudeville and silent film days, when slipping on a banana peel or smashing a pie into somebody’s face was the height of hilarious high jinx.

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Published: Thursday January 20, 2022
Runtime: 00:30:41