Project Recovery

Frank Jameson explains his state of mind that freed him from his addiction

Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley are joined by Frank Jameson (Executive Director – SOAR) to talk about how moving to Sun Valley, a small town in Idaho as a kid, helped shape his party persona as he got older.

Then we talk about how moving back to California to attend USC pushed Frank’s substance abuse deeper once he got out of the small-town environment. As well as, how his addiction became so overwhelming that he attempted to take his own life. 

He also shares how the ups and downs he experienced with spending the next 5 years in and out of rehab and the lowest point of his addiction when he almost lost his foot due to drug use.

To learn more about Frank and the work SOAR is doing for the recovery community, you can visit their website here:

Published: Tuesday May 03, 2022
Runtime: 01:03:16