Project Recovery

From full-blown addict to the The Road Drummer with Scott Schwarz

Scott Schwarz(@TheRoadDrummer_) to talk about finding his passion for music while growing up, some of the struggles he experienced while starting his own record label in Eugene, OR, and how giving up on his dream of being successful in the music industry led him down a path of addiction.

Then Scott opens up about the ways that his addiction began to affect his relationships, his descent into becoming a habitual liar to cope with his addiction, and his journey into recovery.

Lastly, we dive into Scott’s passion of playing live music and his transformation into being The Road Drummer.

You can find Scott on Instagram at theroaddrummer_ or on Facebook at TheRoadDrummer8.

You can also learn more about pharmacies in Utah that carry Naloxone rescue kits by following the link here:

Published: Tuesday September 27, 2022
Runtime: 01:04:11