Project Recovery

How Al-Anon equipped Miriam S with the tools to cope with a loved one’s addiction

Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley are joined by Miriam S.(PI Coordinator – Al-Anon) to talk about growing up with a loved one who was suffering from drug addiction, how her first experience with Al-Anon completely shocked her, and the role that faith plays in developing tools that can help keep us grounded.

We also dive into Miriam’s struggles with the shame that she felt when coping with her loved one’s addiction, how Al-Anon introduced her to a community that could relate to what she was experiencing, and  the tools that she gained from Al-Anon to cope with her loved one’s addiction in her life.

You can learn more about Al-Anon and the work that they are doing in the world of recovery by visiting their website here:

Published: Tuesday April 05, 2022
Runtime: 00:49:57