Project Recovery

How Cass and Paulus found clarity though breathwork to create the framework of their recovery

This week we’ll be retelling the stories of Cass and Paulus from Inner Alchemy who open up about their experiences through partying as 19-year-olds, the moment they realized they had to change their lifestyle, and buying a motorcycle and moving to Mexico to travel and gain a better understanding of how to manage their addictions.

Then we talk about the idea of being human and how understanding that you don’t have to be perfect all the time helped Cass overcome a lot of internal struggles that she was dealing with.

Paulus also opens up about what it took for him to overcome his alcohol abuse, his introduction to meditation, and why he decided to begin working on being mindful and practicing breathwork.

Lastly, Cass and Paulus share their work with breathwork and how it can help create clarity within ourselves.

You can find Cass and Paulus on Facebook at Inner Alchemy Living and online at

Published: Tuesday September 13, 2022
Runtime: 01:13:11