Money Making Sense

Is gaming the next big money sport? with Jason Masters

The world of gaming is extensive.  Whether you’re looking to take games with you or stay at home… there’s an app for that.  But, initial costs will run hundreds of dollars for xbox, playstation and wii.  Host of Popular Technology Radio, Jason Masters, breaks down what type of equipment is best for you.

The world of gaming has it’s own type of currency, which could pay off big-time.  We’ve all heard of bit-coin, but how about ethereum, game credits, or ripple?  Ethereum currency has risen from $5.00 to $400 in just 30-days.  You can use these on-line currency to buy real world items and keep your kids away from your credit card by buying gaming credits and sending it to them.

But, too much gaming can lead to gambling addictions, losing time at work, not interacting with friends and family.  It’s important to have a balance.

Published: Wednesday June 21, 2017
Runtime: 00:28:15