Project Recovery

Jared Shaw on overcoming pain pill addiction to create “Recovery Strong”

Jared Shaw(Recovery Strong) joins the show to talk about struggling to find his identity in a big family growing up, how he learned that underage drinking would come with very serious consequences after getting ticketed for being intoxicated, and the moment he realized he could get away with abusing pain pills during his senior year.

Jared also shares his experience with becoming addicted to Oxycontin, how it began to deteriorate what he had begun to work for as a young college student at Utah State University, and the work he put into his recovery to find sobriety for two years.

Then we dive into Jared’s eventual relapse following the passing of his grandfather, hitting rock bottom after experiencing early onset liver failure, and the inspiration behind “Recovery Strong”.

To learn more about Recovery Strong, you can visit their website here:

Published: Tuesday May 24, 2022
Runtime: 01:02:01