Thurl Talk

Julius “Dr. J” Erving on his autobiography, racial tensions, transitioning from the ABA to the NBA, and life after basketball

Thurl Bailey is joined by Julius “Dr. J” ErvingĀ (NBA Hall of Famer, 1982-’83 NBA Champion, 3x ABA MVP, 1981 NBA MVP) to talk about his book, Dr. J: The Autobiography, the racial tensions he experienced growing up, why he’s always been a follower of rules and how he used that to his advantage in sports at an early age.

Then he dives into what it was like playing basketball on his Salvation Army team, how his high school coach, Ray Wilson, was his idol growing up, and the way Elgin Baylor shaped Julius’s game growing up.

We also talk about the evolution of Julius’s game from his time spent in the ABA, how it transitioned into the NBA, and what he learned by sacrificing for the 76ers during their championship run in 1983.

Lastly, we discuss how guards have taken the spotlight from the historically dominant centers, the movement from athlete to non-athlete, the importance of planning for life after basketball, and what will it take for the NBA to return.

Published: Tuesday June 09, 2020
Runtime: 00:59:38