Your Last Meal with Rachel Belle

Lola Kirke: Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food & Fernet

Lola Kirke isn’t particularly interested in modern day restraint and Instagram wellness trends. She stays up late, likes to drink, eats whatever she wants and just released a Jane Fonda era workout video as a companion to her new album, Lady For Sale.

Lola loves Phish Food, a Ben & Jerry’s collab with the jam band Phish, that just-so-happens to be celebrating its 25th anniversary! Host Rachel Belle chats with the iconic ice cream company, and Phish’s long-time manager, about the history of the flavor and why it’s the only product Phish has ever put its name on.

Do you drink Fernet? If so, you’re either a bartender or you impressed your bartender by ordering it. Rachel interviews a San Francisco bartender, whose bar sells more Fernet than anywhere else in the country, to learn more about the history of the drink they call the “bartender’s handshake.”

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Published: Thursday June 02, 2022
Runtime: 00:34:37