Project Recovery

Melissa Catmull Shares Her Struggles With Battling An Eating Disorder And Opioid Addiction

In this week’s episode, Dr. Matt Woolley and Casey Scott address the comments surrounding marijuana addiction from a previous episode, as well as hear from Melissa Catmull, who struggled with an eating disorder early on in her teenage years, how it began to impact the way she viewed herself.

Then Melissa talks about adapting to a life without an eating disorder as she began to excel in life as a parent and wife, how injuries she gained while running led to an introduction to opioids, and her descent back into an eating disorder once she tried to quit her addiction to opioids.

Lastly, Melissa shares how she has found active recovery for her addiction and what she’s doing to help incorporate self-help practices that can keep her living a healthy lifestyle — both physically and mentally.

Published: Tuesday September 20, 2022
Runtime: 01:09:39