Thurl Talk

Ranger Brody Young recalls the day he was shot nine times while on patrol

Thurl Bailey is joined by Ranger Brody Young(Utah State Park Ranger) to talk about how his love for the outdoors led him to become a ranger and how a routine patrol at Poison Spider trailhead changed his life forever after being shot nine times on November 19, 2010.

Ranger Young describes the gunfight that took place that night, his will to stay alive while thinking of his wife and kids, and how he was able to call for help after falling unconscious thanks to years of training.

Then we talk about his experience with getting help from all of his coworkers, the recovery process he had to go through to get back to work, and what gets him through when he retells his amazing journey.

We then dive into ranger Young’s assailant, Lance Leeroy Arellano, why he would do such a thing, and how two local boys found Arellano’s body five years later.

Lastly, Ranger Young talks about his work as a motivational speaker and his message that he hopes can help a lot of people.


Published: Tuesday March 31, 2020
Runtime: 00:46:52