Relentlessly Resilient

Utah Refugee Connection’s Amy Dott Harmer on serving some of the most resilient people you will ever meet

We have found time and time again on this podcast that the opposite of grief is connection. This principle of connection is embodied in the work of the Utah Refugee Connection, which helps create meaningful links between refugees, communities, and public and private organizations to support refugees in developing self-sufficient and fulfilling lives. On this episode of Relentlessly Resilient Utah Refugee Connections’ Executive Director Amy Dott Harmer joins to share the story of her engagement with the refugee community in Utah; and how we can learn, serve, and give back to these communities. She shares some of the lessons of resilience she has learned from some of the most resilient people you would ever meet. 

You can help connect and support Utah’s refugee communities all year round. Visit serve for details on upcoming drives, events, quarterly cultural nights, service project ideas, their Amazon wishlist, and more!  You can also follow Utah Refugee Connection on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Even though we live in challenging times, we can become Relentlessly Resilient as we lean on and learn from one another’s experiences. Hosts Jennie Taylor and Michelle Scharf are no strangers to overcoming adversity; Michelle lost her husband to cancer, while Jennie’s husband, Major Brent Taylor, was killed in the service of our country. Their stories bond them together, and now listeners can join them weekly as they visit with others enduring challenges and who teach us how they are exercising resiliency, finding value in their grief, and purpose in moving forward. 

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Published: Tuesday February 07, 2023
Runtime: 00:52:49