Project Recovery

Riley Loosemore shares his unforgettable journey to recovery

Riley Loosemore(Peer Recovery Coach at USARA) joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley to talk about how his abusive father leaving his family as a child created a hole in his life, being introduced to substances during his high school years, and how he became a father of 3 by the age of 19.

Riley also opens up about his introduction to crystal meth while running and gunning, spending 72 hours in jail as a murder suspect, and how running from the police in Ogden left him homeless for four years.

Then we talk about his attempts at getting help for his addiction throughout the years, his constant struggles with substance abuse continuing to creep back into his life, and the moment that changed his life with the introduction of Valley Camp, a recreation and rehabilitation center in Utah.

Lastly, Riley shares how he’s helping others find their own road to recovery by spreading awareness of substance addiction as a Peer Recovery Coach with USARA.¬†

You can also learn more about Riley and USARA at

Published: Tuesday June 14, 2022
Runtime: 01:08:42