Project Recovery

Savannah Eley on overcoming her own demons to help our rural communities struggling with addiction

Savannah Eley(Service Coordinator at StepOne Service Castleview Hospital) joins Casey Scott and Dr. Matt Woolley to talk about her experience with feeling segregated from a community that was predominantly religious growing up in Carbon County in Utah, her experience with abusing prescription medicine to help combat postpartum depression that she was experiencing following the birth of her first child, and how she and her ex-husband started losing homes and cars due to spending her money on drugs.

Savannah also shares how her family was torn apart by drugs, some of her lowest lows throughout her addiction, and the moment that pushed her over the edge and led to her finally finding sobriety after years of abuse.

We also dive into the work that she’s doing to help provide resources for rural communities that are seeking treatment and what her sobriety looks like five years after the dark days of her addiction.

You can learn more about Castleview by visiting their website or you can go to to find resources in your area.

Published: Tuesday August 23, 2022
Runtime: 01:12:33