Thurl Talk

Stedman Graham on finding your identity, getting rid of labels, and why you need to adapt

Thurl Bailey is joined by Stedman GrahamĀ (Author, Educator, & Entrepreneur) to talk about life during the pandemic, the importance of having a routine, and working on yourself during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Then we talk about the social unrest in society today, getting rid of the labels that hold us back, and ways to leverage your branding in the confines of today’s era.

Stedman also takes us back to growing up in Whitesboro, New Jersey, why he was so angry during his childhood, his search for equality, and how he was able to get out of his small town with the help of basketball. He also talks about how his relationship with Oprah helped taught him how to think more clearly.

Stedman also talks about why you need to be betting on yourself immediately to adapt to the 21st century and why you need to find what you’re passionate about to keep up with all of the changes that are taking place today.

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Published: Tuesday September 15, 2020
Runtime: 00:37:25