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Swig founder reveals 2nd breast cancer scare, launches SAVE THE CUPS campaign

Swig is a locally founded soda shop that is quite popular in Utah. Its founder, Nicole Tanner was diagnosed with breast cancer 11 years ago and had her medical bills paid. Now, she wants to do the same for other women going through it.  Nicole advocates for early detection, something she attributes to saving her life. But Nicole is also going through a 2nd breast cancer scare currently, and reveals to Host Lindsay Aerts how she’s feeling as a recent mammogram detected another irregularity. She doesn’t know yet if that one is cancerous. Nicole talks about all this, and how you can give back to help pay the medical bills of women going through breast cancer this month, through the Save the Cups campaign at Swig!

Published: Friday October 08, 2021
Runtime: 00:20:47