Talking Cold: Discussion of Episode 9

When a criminal defendant gets the death penalty it can feel like a life sentence to the families of the victims. Amy and Sheryl speak with Matt Hunsaker, whose mother, Maurine Hunsaker, was murdered when he was 10 years old in 1986. The ladies also speak with former capital case defense attorney Mark Moffat about the state of the death penalty in Utah. Lastly, Amy and Sheryl talk about what it’s like to witness a firing squad execution, which they’ve each done.

Talking Cold is honest and frank conversations about the issues brought forward in the latest episode of the Cold podcast. We begin with Cold season 2: Justice for Joyce. Three ladies, Amy Donaldson, Ann Dent and Sheryl Worsley will talk about weighty issues like sexual assault, the death penalty and failures of the criminal justice system. The goal is more conversation and more understanding.

Spoiler alert! You will want to listen to the main story on Amazon Music before listening to our conversation because we will talk about what happens on the show. 

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 If you or someone close to you has experienced rape or any other form of sexual abuse, you can go to to connect with free resources anywhere in the United States. 

 Episode credits: 

  • Hosts: Amy Donaldson, Sheryl Worsley
  • Audio production: Nina Earnest
  • Audio mixing: Trent Sell
  • KSL executive producer: Sheryl Worsley
  • Workhouse Media executive producers: Paul Anderson, Nick Panella, Andrew Greenwood
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Published: Friday August 27, 2021
Runtime: 00:50:52