We Happy Few

The Family Service Creates

Homeless and broke, Marcy Hehnly decided to meet with an Army recruiter when she was 20-years old. Four years earlier, she’d lost her mother to cancer, which led to struggles with her father as they both tried to rebuild their lives. It was a decision that not only changed her life, but it showed her the value of service and created a family structure that shaped her career decisions and sustains her emotionally today. After leaving the Army, she became a police officer, and then after that, she felt called to become a university professor. All of her career opportunities have taught her to be of service to the world, and that’s something she tries to teach her students as an educator. Each of her careers has marked a chapter in her life, teaching her something about herself, especially spiritually. 

Published: Thursday August 15, 2019
Runtime: 00:28:24