Thurl Talk

Tony Finau on COVID-19, the challenges he faced growing up, his goals, and his pride of being a father and husband

Thurl Bailey is joined by Tony Finau (professional golfer) to talk about how his life has changed since COVID-19 has taken over the sports world, how he’s spending his time since the outbreak, and his true love for basketball.

Then we talk about his passion for golfing stemmed from his younger brother and father, how he always knew he wanted to be on the PGA tour, and what it was like winning a national tournament as a twelve-year-old.

We also dive into some of the hurdles Tony’s family had to overcome to while navigating the sport, deciding whether to participate in a $2 million tournament or commit to BYU, and how Lee Trevino set Tony up to succeed as a professional golfer.

Tony then recalls how he was able to move on from the death of his mother, what being a husband and father means to him, and the philanthropic efforts he’s been able to do with his foundation, the “Tony Finau Foundation”.

Lastly, we talk about Tony’s goal of becoming the best golfer in the world and what it was like to play with Tiger Woods.

Published: Tuesday April 07, 2020
Runtime: 00:33:54