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What the NFL Should do with the Pro Bowl; The NBA is Looking to Cash in

Legendary Sports Broadcaster Bob Costas was in a forum talking about issues in sports.  One of the things he talked about was concussions.  It’s basically killing people.  If he had a 13 year old son he wouldn’t let him play.  Scott doesn’t agree with him.  He doesn’t agree with all of the statements about CTE and that every player will get it.  Come to find out that Bob Costas will not be a part of NBC’s broadcast team for NFL games.  NBC is also broadcasting the Super Bowl.  Many people say that he isn’t doing it because of his stance on concussions.  Costas said it was a mutual agreement.  He will be a part of NBC’s Olympic coverage.

The NFL Pro Bowl is this weekend!  Every NFL player considers it an honor to be named to the Pro Bowl and getting to go to Hawaii.  But the game was a glorified practice.  It was basically an agreement between both teams (AFC and NFC) that you don’t tackle anyone really hard and don’t hurt anyone.  Which makes the game boring.  Only the young guys would play hard.  Now they have moved the game to Orlando. Scott doesn’t understand why they left Hawaii.  Who wouldn’t want to go to Hawaii?  It’s like the NBA All-Star game.  The only sport that is worth watching their All-Star game is Major League Baseball because the Home Run Derby is fun and never gets old.  But the Slam Dunk contest in the NBA is now boring.

The NBA is considering a partnership and betting legalization.  They want it to be legal to gamble on NBA games nationwide.  This could be a slippery slope for the NBA because players could shave points.  The NBA doesn’t care about the outcome of the game, they just want $1 of every bet made on an NBA game.  This could generate a lot of revenue.

A feel good story to end the show, former Washington State Quarterback Luke Falk is participating in the Senior Bowl.  He chose to wear the number of his teammate and backup quarterback Tyler Hilinski, who committed suicide recently.  He is also bringing awareness to the cause.

Published: Wednesday January 24, 2018
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