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When You’re Killed At A Race Track- The Tony Stewart Settlement

Tony Steward just reached an out of court lawsuit regarding the death of Kevin Ward during a sprint car race.

Ward was upset with Stewart, exited his car on the track, and was hit and killed by Tony Stewart.

Why would you get out of your car?  Sprint car is slower than NASCAR, but they’re still travelling really fast and it’s a very dangerous thing to do.

All the other drivers were able to avoid Ward on the track, and his supporters say Stewart tried to drive close to him in a way that would intimidate him.  That’s when Ward was hit and killed.

There’s another point to make.  Racing is dangerous and the drivers understand the risks.  Is it appropriate to sue in this situation?

In Major League Baseball, all tickets include a statement that abdicates the MLB if you’re hit by a ball in the stands.

If you’re paying attention during the game, you won’t get hit by a ball.

Tony Stewart didn’t race for quite some time after this accident.  

A car is a lethal weapon.  Do racers really think about those things? When they’re driving, do they think about death or injury?  It happens.  Race car drivers sometimes die.

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Published: Wednesday April 04, 2018
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