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Why A Tennessee Woman Shipped Dead Catfish To The NHL

Fishing is one of Scott’s real passions.  Fly fishing in particular, but all fishing in general.

This episode features not so fishing stories in the sports

The Nashville Predators is famous for their fans throwing cat fish onto the ice in celebration and protest.  Just recently they were playing the Florida Panthers.  The Predators scored what appeared to be the tying goal.  The video replay reversed the goal on the grounds of goalie interference.  The Predators went on to lose.

So fans spread the address of the NHL headquarters so they could make their voices heard in protest.

One woman bought two catfish and mailed them to the NHL headquarters in Toronto, Canada.  First, she called UPS and customs in order to make sure it’s legal to ship fish.  It totally is legal.  On the box she wrote “You Suck”.  She didn’t put any ice in the box.  The fish just decayed during transit.  Gross.

She documented all of this on Facebook.

Here’s another story:

Von Miller was fishing off Florida and caught a 91/2 foot hammerhead shark.  Miller, by the way, plays for Denver Broncos.

We have a weird relationship with sharks.  They’re cool, but they have teeth and sometimes kill people.  And you can’t see them coming.

So Von Miller wants to take a picture with the shark.  That’s understandable, but they thrash around and bite things when you get them on a boat.

The problem is hammerhead sharks are a protected species and you’re not allowed to catch them in Florida state waters.  Florida state water extends three miles into the water. 

The photo he took appears to show a dead shark.  If the shark died getting into the boat, he could be in big trouble.

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Published: Sunday April 08, 2018
Runtime: 00:13:12