Utah Puck Report

Why local hockey shops are so important to the Utah community with Alan Greenberg and Cory Lingelbach

In this week’s episode, Jay is joined by Cory Lingelbach (HockeyStopZ) and Alan Greenberg(Cottonwood Hockey Shop Call) to talk about the state of local hockey shops in Utah, how the experience is going to be different when buying gear from specialized shops, and some of the struggles that come with bringing in bigger name brands.

Then we talk about why it’s so valuable to build up loyal relationships within the Utah hockey community, how impactful refining your skates can be to your game, and the benefits that can come with experimenting with different gear.

Lastly, we play a game of what are the hottest items in the store and what is actually the best.



Published: Friday July 30, 2021
Runtime: 00:55:37