Quiz: What Your Pickup Truck Says About You

By Eric Openshaw on June 24, 2019

How often do you use your pickup truck to get jobs done?

What do you tow with your pickup truck?

How often do you drive your pickup truck?

How do you like to spend time outdoors?

What is most likely to be in your truck bed?

Quiz: What Your Pickup Truck Says About You
Getting it done!

You work your hands to the bones day in day out. And you love it. And your pickup truck is your trusty sidekick. Sometimes your pickup even takes a beating more than you.
Light use

You're the friend who is always volunteered to help friends and family move in exchange for pizza. You don’t use your pickup for hauling stuff every day, when you do, you can make it count

You bought your pickup truck, and immediately installed the biggest lift kit you could find. You wash your truck at least once a week so it’s always looking the best it can, and you love to turn heads with the shiny chrome and decked out rims. Just be careful rolling coal, you can get reported for it now.

You live for the long weekends when you can take your pickup and your camper out for a few days. You love to hunt, fish, camp, and disconnect from everyday life with your family. And that’s why you opted for the crew cab too. Get out there and breathe the freshest air you can!

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