Van Morrison Says He Has So Many Unreleased Songs


Van Morrison says there are so many songs he has yet to release, according to Rolling Stone. The 71-year-old singer is set to release his 36th album, Keep Me Singing, on Friday, September 30. And even though he is getting older, Morrison says he has no intention of throwing in the towel, especially since he has a plethora of unreleased music.More »


Joe Perry Speaks On New Solo Record


Joe Perry has revealed that he is nearing completion on his new solo release. The Aerosmith guitar legend spoke with musiciansear.com about the new release and says he’s inching towards the finish line on the new release. “I just need to polish it up a bit more,” said Perry. “I’m looking to release some of it in the new year.”More »


Bruce Springsteen Five Favorite Songs From His Catalogue


Bruce Springsteen has shared a list of his top five favorite songs from throughout his career. He stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his new biography Born To Run and was seemingly put on the spot with the question. “That’s a tough one.” He continued: “I got to put ‘Born to Run’ up there. I guess for me, ‘The Rising’ is a big song.”More »


Don Henley Says Eagles Reunion Could Happen


Don Henley speculates that an Eagles reunion could actually happen. He said that the surviving members of the band could reunite in tribute for the late Glenn Frey, tells the Montreal Gazette, “At some point in the future, we might work our way around to that . . . but the only way I would consider any kind of reunion, I think, would be with Glenn’s son, Deacon.More »