Mick Jones To Release First-Ever Foreigner Band Biography


Foreigner founding member Mick Jones will release the band’s first-ever official biography, A Foreigner’s Tale. A Foreigner’s Tale dates back to the beginning, quite literally, of Jones and the band, dating all the way back to Jones’ childhood in England and the formation of Foreigner. The book will also feature photographs from Jones’ personal collection.More »


Bruce Springsteen Wrote A Song For A Harry Potter Film


The rumors can now be put to rest. Bruce Springsteen confirmed that he did in fact write a song for the Harry Potter film series, but it was never used. The song was titled “I’ll Stand By You.” Springsteen stated in an interview with BBC Radio 2 that, “it was pretty good. It was a song that I wrote for my eldest son, it was a big ballad . . .”More »


David Bowie’s Final Recording ‘Killing A Little Time’ Released


“Killing A Little Time,” the last in a trio of the final songs to be recorded by rock icon David Bowie has now been released. The song will be included on the upcoming soundtrack for Bowie’s musical, Lazarus. “When I Met You” and “No Plan” the rest of the final trio of songs, were released a few days earlier. They were the last songs Bowie recorded before he died of liver cancer in January, at the age of 69.More »


Iggy Pop’s Nude Drawings Compared To Michelangelo’s David


Nude drawings of Iggy Pop that the musician recently posed for as part of a new art display have been compared to Michelangelo’s David. “Even models who have been doing life drawing for years don’t quite know how to pose to best express themselves,” said Guno Park, one of the artists. “But Iggy was so natural and comfortable. He would naturally go towards the contrapostal pose of Michelangelo’s David.”More »