David Bowie Honored With Plaque In Berlin


David Bowie has been memorialized with a special plaque in Berlin, Germany. The memorial plaque is placed outside the building where Bowie lived from 1976 to 1978, which has been converted into a memorial since Bowie’s death in January. Bowie lived in the city during the recording process of his albums Low, Heroes and Lodger.More »


Richie Sambora And Jon Bon Jovi Are Speaking Again


Jon Bon Jovi and former Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora are reportedly back on speaking terms. Sambora posted a video alongside Orianthi prasing Bon Jovi’s new single “This House Is Not For Sale.” “Congrats to all the guys on the new single! @BonJovi,” he tweeted, including a video in which he says, “God bless. Good luck. Hope you guys do great . big love.”More »


Styx And Don Felder Announce Las Vegas Residency


Styx and Eagles guitarist Don Felder are taking their show to Las Vegas via a new residency, Renegades in the Fast Lane, set for January 2017 at the Venetian. “I’m so excited to be sharing the stage at the Venetian with my good friends Styx,” Felder said in a news release. “This is going to be one rocking show in the most rocking city in the U.S.”More »


Bob Dylan Archive To Start New Film Screening Series


The Bob Dylan archive has revealed plans for a special screening of video footage. The screening series, titled Dylan on Film, will commence at the new home of the Dylan Archive in Tulsa, Oklahoma on September 21. “This first series of screenings will not only showcase the best of Bob Dylan on film but will serve as the very first public exhibition of film and physical elements tMore »


Steven Tyler Hand Gesture Edited Out Of Disney Attraction


A hand gesture made by Steven Tyler was recently edited out of an attraction at a Disney facility. The edit came in a video that plays before the Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Riders are ushered into an area where a video shows Aerosmith in a studio. As the band are being whisked off to a gig, Tyler demands that riders are given tickets.More »