Joe Walsh Won’t Vote For Either Presidential Candidate


Joe Walsh has opened up about this presidential election and notes that he will not vote for either candidate. Speaking with a syndicated news source Walsh said that he plans to abstain from either major candidate, but that doesn’t mean he’ll sit idle this election season. “I am not for any existing candidate but I sure am going to vote on who the judges are where I live . . .”More »


Heart Tell Politicians To Stop Using Their Songs


The band Heart are the latest artists to stand up to politicians who are using their songs at rallies and campaign events without their official consent. They teamed with a host of other artists such as Usher, Sheryl Crow Michael Bolton, John Mellencamp, Cyndi Lauper, Josh Groban and Imagine Dragons’ Dan Reynolds for a new video.More »


David Bowie’s Lazarus Musical Sets London Production


This fall, the musical, Lazarus, which was co-written by David Bowie is set for a four month run in London’s King’s Cross Theatre. The opening night will take place October 25 and run through January 21. The musical is based around Walter Tevis’ novel, The Man Who Fell To Earth. The book had a heavy influence on Bowie’s early career.More »